Charm Anti Bacterial Disinfectant Spray

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Charm Anti Bacterial Disinfectant Spray 300ml

  • Suitable for most hard and soft surfaces
  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria
  • Helps prevent spread of harmful bacterial, viruses and fungi
  • Fragrance free
  • Use in toilet areas, sinks, taps, on bins, door handles, soft furnishing
  • Do not use on food preparation surfaces
  • Always test for suitability on a small inconspicious area

Charm Anti Bacterial Disinfectant Spray kills the following:

  • Escherichia coli
  • Staphylococcus aureas
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Enterococcus hirae


  • Candida Albicans
  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes
  • Aspergillus brasiliensis


  • Polovirus Type 1
  • Adenovirus Type 5
  • Murine Norovirus

Directions for use
Shake well. Hold 15 to 20cm from surface and spray until lightly covered. Allow to dry and do not wipe.
Avoid contact with the skin and eyes.
Avoid prolonged contact with paintwork and polished wood

Ethanol, 0.075% Alky Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride

Safety Data Sheet

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      Would it be possible for you to send us the safety data sheet for this item so we can complete our COSHH on it.

      Many thanks,

      Rachel and Suzy

      asked by Rachel on September 25, 2020

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    • Hello Rachel and Suzy,

      The product Safety Data has been uploaded above.

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